New 7" EP Release in Fall 2022!!! Chaputa! Records

Four new raunchy rockin' eye socket burners coming to you reel soon from Chaputa Records. 

"I highly recommend these four pieces of The Sound Station, Always Dynamite" - Jean Pierre, Le Trafalgar, Radio 666 France

If you’ve ever wondered why you get that funny feeling in your tummy whenever you hear this super sweet, warm n’ fuzzy yet menacingly punked out tribal Rock n' Roll outfit, maybe it’s because you can’t quite reconcile why these two opposing forces come together to make such a satisfying sound. My suggestion: Don’t think too hard. If it works, just go for it. After 2020, you have likely spent almost an entire year indoors, and absolutely nothing makes sense. Simply pick up their music and enjoy, no indulge, your guilty pleasure.

Don't believe me? 
Here's what a few other fine folks think about them:

Radio Play

  • WFMU, The Whig Out, Rock 'n' Soul Radio (San Diego)
    DJs Glynis Ward and Richard Whig 
  • Vinyl Records Association (Los Angeles)
    DJ Astro 138  
  • WFMU, Bubblegum OD, Rock 'n' Soul Radio (Los Angeles)
    DJ Becky Ebenkamp  
  •, Bubblegum OD (Los Angeles) 
    DJ Becky Ebenkamp  
  • Statdtfilter 96.3, The Phonograph Rumble (Switzerland) 
    DJ Buster Bandit
  • Le Trafalgar.blogspot, Radio 666 (France)

  • KXLU, No More Heros,  DJ Tony Knox (Los Angeles) 
  • Taxi TV, Ricky Menace on Taxi TV Live (Orange Cty)
  • KPISS, Rock'n'Roll Love Letter (Los Angeles)
  • Free et Easy, 103.1 FM (France) 
  • Psychotic Distraction, Chirp 107.1FM (Chicago)
  • Holy Crap Records Podcast (North Carolina)