"Finally a band that can tap into the "secret cult" feeling of garage punk music and make you wanna meet them in a back alley with a bucket of blood and a bag of dead cats. Don't get me wrong, I love cats and these cats who call themselves the Sound Station have weaved their own mystic sound by following the age old K.I.S.S. philosophy (Keep It Simple Stupid). I hear loads of cool influences from the Seeds & Music Machine as well as some ol' Georgia punk sounds ala B-52s or the Black Lips. Hail Hail Rock n Roll! Hail Hail the Sound Station!"  
~ King "Bama Lama" Khan  
Emancipator of RnB

“The cover illustration fully describes the sonic content of the 7”. Seeds, Music Machine, Nuggets. Without stereotypes, Simon and Nakia are a couple of songwriters from Los Angeles (Lux and Poison of RnB Punk?) who know a lot. A canonically garage title track is followed by the psych slowness of “Should I”, the jagged melody of “Late Night Snack” and the good soul ballad with anthracite shades “Don’t Look At Me” 

Rumore Magazine


“Wild One Chaputa • • You could accuse THE SOUND STATION from L.A. that their release-density leaves much to be desired. 2020 appeared a split single on Outro; to follow this year now only a new seven-inch model. Your sound but would be entitled to shine on album length.Street cat rock'n'roll. whose ingredients directly have fallen from a "Pebbles" tracklist: soul, full of fuzz, with some excursions in primitive R&B and crowned by a certain hymn haf-singalong activity.According to the COMPULSIVE GAMBLERS, OBLIVIANS, et al. as comparisons are obvious. When they will do this with an artwork by João Pimenta, of The Berets” Matti Bildt Ox Zine  _______________________________________________________________________________"Stalwarts of the LA garage-rock scene, Simon and Nakia Black have emerged with a brand new band THE SOUND STATION, making a Bo Diddley/Seeds/Troggs-inspired noise that’s part wigged-out garage, part raucous R&B and totally killer all round. Their latest release, a split single with The Creepy Crawlies, features two fuzzed-out beauties called ‘Give Your Loving To Me’ and ‘Things Will Never Be The Same’, building on a sound that West Coast gig-goers may have heard at one of the band’s countless gigs with the likes of The Loons and The Schizophonics. A blistering call-to-arms, it’s a single that helps towards their stated goal of recording their own “favourite record”. Out now on Outro Records"⁠⠀
Thomas Patterson, Shindig Magazine 

"If you were a collector of rock singles, especially if you found yourself in the U.S. in the late 1960s, you were likely always on the lookout for magnificent garage rock songs, just like a junkie would be looking for a connection in a foreign town. 

Anyone that delved into the famous Nuggets albums, a series that celebrated rock music that existed on the very fringes of commercial acceptance, will know that, often, the greatest and most vital sounding recordings belonged to bands who had not acquired fame, nor the backing of big record labels. It seemed that rock at its most dangerous and exciting was best created by folks that had not been tainted by the allure of fortunes. 

The Sound Station’s Things Will Never Be The Same sounds like a track that has accidentally fallen off the tracklist for one of the Nuggets albums and has just managed to finally get released. It’s fuzzed-out, fun, and full of energy. There’s no proper way to explain what makes this great from a musical standpoint, but connaisseurs may find every reason to delve in and experience it for themselves." ~

“Thanx to the ever prolific bandcamp label, Kafadan Kontak, I came across this killer single by LA garage rnr band The Sound Station. These two songs were part of a split single with The Creepy Crawlies⁠ 
released by Outro Records in 2020. Wanna know why this single is currently at the top of my wantlist? Just check out Give Your Lovin’ To Me.” ~ Add To Want List 

“The Sound Station draws from all eras of popular music and distills it into a quirky, heady, and intoxicating brew of ’60s garage rock that sounds at once familiar and yet is unlike anything we've ever heard before. Personally, we’re smitten.”
~ Glynis Ward “The Whig Out” ( 

“The Sound Station rocks with the fire and energy of kids who invented rock ’n roll just yesterday evening. They write songs with strong hooks and roots in the swinging and rocking sounds from the last five or six decades. Sound Station is unstoppable.” Then later wrote in a separate blog, he wrote "They have always continued to play nicely and show that they are still able to serve us uncontrollable swinging squatters. It is mainly “Things Will Never Be the Same” that unabashedly makes its way to the earwig box in your brain. Spontaneously, in your face, with a wonderful guitar rhythm, it is just a more than fine song on a record that squeaks, creaks and swings. "Give Your Lovin 'To Me" is a sweet lo-fi song. "It's just good!", to quote an old advertising slogan.  So hopefully we'll hear more creations from these bands soon.” ~ Eric Vonk ( 

“Prepare to positively flip when trash blues thrillers THE SOUND STATION storm the bandstand when they make their Messaround debut! These hard-hitting, deep-socking lights of Hollywood's crash, slash, and burn rock & soul underworld throw down a blistering torrent of raw, swinging R&B fused with a feverish brand of garage primitivo. Fronted by cataclysmic twosome Simon & Nakia Black, expect a tsunami of legendary juke philosophizing put over with a lurid twist of hopped-up, lowdown stomp so tremendously torrid it’s gonna melt your eyeballs right in their sockets.” ~ Jonny Whiteside (LA Weekly) 

"For those who like me are big fans of the soulful gospel r 'n' b singalong wild rich in hymnics & trashcan reverb of Compulsive Gamblers, Oblivians, Jail Weddings, Nick Curran, Original Sins or Reigning Sound, this that Simon & are preparing for us from the Sound Station is going to be jubilatory.  Hell yeah twangy BABY!"
~ Merle Leonce Bone, author of "Jesus Elvis Junkie Blues 

“The stars of our most recent film LOVE IN THE TIME OF BLASTERS had a new single being released on Outro records. Well here's the video of the song and we luv it and the old school animation. Reminds me of the work of animator John Hubley who did so much cutting edge and terrific work in the fifties and sixties. Congratulations to Simon and Nakia Black and everyone in The Sound Station as well as animator Fernando Goshdarlin and Outro Records for the exciting release. The world is already a better place because of your work, thank you.”

~ Debra Irene and Rob Robinson, Stunt Kitty Films