When it comes to performing live as a band, on the pacific coast alone, The Sound Station has set sail onstage with the some of the top bands like The Loons, The Fly Traps, The Schizophonics,  Very Be Careful, The Shag Rats, Thee Oh Nos, Teenage Goo Goo Muck, Bobby Bones, The Unclaimed, The Sloths, Rebel Set, Pearl Earl, Crush, The Night Times, The Slop, The Sound Reasons, Dee Skusting and The Rodents, Aimee Lay, Lost Cat, The Hidden Depths, frequently at fave venues like Harvard & Stone, Highland Park Bowl, Redwood Bar, Quail Lounge, The Offbeat Bar, and the “Seed-y” SGV Lounge.

These were booked by and sometimes in conjunction with name brand parties like Don Bolles's Hush Clubbe, The Bullet, Cheap Satisfaction, Ramblin Rose Presents, Suzi Creamcheese Club, Club UFO, Shake Some Action, Wailing at the Go-Go, The Messaround, Dog Lipstick, and Niteowl Productions when they toured Arizona.  When live music resumes or during livestreams, they will reschedule shows with Cheap Tissue, Bobby Bones, and the Bobby Lees from New York.